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A Guide to Call Center Reporting and Scoring

Call recording, reporting, and monitoring solutions are implemented by call centers so that they can capture calls and score their employees’ performances. Employee evaluation and scoring is important to a business and these templates can be created from the call scoring and agent evaluations within the call recording software.

In order to help businesses, interact with their customers on a daily basis, major businesses use call centers. However, there are other functions of call centers for internal functions including help desks, retail financial support, and sales support. When call center agents interact with clients, the information gathered by the software affects the productivity of the company, customer services quality, and its ability to compete in the marketplace.

It is for enhancing their operations, routing information to the right persons and allocating resources effectively that information gathered from customers is used. In order to capture employee performances and become a highly effective call center, there should be tools for recording, reporting, and monitoring. It is more than just recording calls that call scoring and evaluation used. This gives the company a competitive edge that assures their future success.

Companies want to ensure that their process are being followed by their employees and this is the reason why they listen to recorded calls. Managers can now create templates for evaluation and scoring based on call scoring within their call recording software. While the supervisor is listening to a call, he can answer the questions included in the template. These are just yes/no questions on a point scale with each question having a certain weight. If a call center serves many companies, then different templates can be created and applied.

The call scoring tool is helpful since you can search it for rated calls where you can easily compare multiple agents and their performances. With this tool, the progress of a new agent can be evaluated together with the results of training programs conducted. This, then, becomes a great tool to improve the overall quality and business performance and also to comply with new processes and compliances businesses are mandating.

Some companies offer call scoring as an add-on feature to their call recording and call reporting software. Call center quality is improved with call scoring feature. Since they are able to know the agents needs through automated scoring and evaluation process, the business can then focus their training on the needs of their agents. If they continually train on each agent’s weakness, customers will consistently be raising the overall quality bar of your call center.

Call recording and call reporting solutions help organizations maximize the value of voice and data convergence.

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